Tips for Choosing Shower curtain

Bathroom shower curtains are perfect functional bathroom accessories that can change the look of your bath decor. Shower curtains can define the color palette, mood or theme of your bathroom or can prove to be a unifying theme to tie all the bath decor colors and patterns together. Bathroom shower curtains can be bold and exotic and can be a deciding factor in the bathroom decor style such as traditional, contemporary, country, rustic, shabby chic, Japanese and Victorian. Here’s our easy guide to choosing the best shower curtains.

The prices of shower curtains vary a lot depending on the materials chosen – take a look online at the various prices being charged for quality curtains and make your mind up how upmarket you want to go.

Material.Shower curtains have to be waterproof in some way to do the practical job they are designed to do and if you want a cheap solution then choose a design you like in a waterproof fabric such as plastic, PVC, Vinyl or Polypropylene PEVA or EVA. If you want something classier for a special bathroom then choose a fabric shower curtain such as linen, hemp, silk or cotton with an additional waterproof liner or inner shower curtain. This increases the costs but gives you a lot more options in the type of look you can achieve. It also means you can replace the liner without changing the whole curtain at a future date.

Design.Think about the overall design of your bathroom and choose something on the same theme. If your bathroom is sleek and modern – a shower curtain in plain white or black or black on white might be appropriate. If you favor a fun look (or the bathroom is for kids) choose a shower curtain with a fun design such as ducks or raindrops or cartoon characters (or a million other things you can buy online).


What you should know when making a modern bathroom?

When you preparing to make a modern and personalized bathroom, remember that you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to get the modern bathroom that you desire. You simply need to think about the design that would best please you and then work out what you can afford.

A modern bathroom is the combination of color, innovative materials and some fashion elements.Some people are now purchasing made-to-order products to suit their personal preferences. Instead of buying prepackaged bathroom sets, people can now choose their pieces individually, from the shower and toilet to minor details like door handles, lighting, and mirrors.

Beside, you can follow below advices to make a modern bathroom.

Color Choosing:
This is where you have an abundance of choice. As fashion is constantly changing, you have a huge range to choose from.Some of the most popular colors are blues, greens, purples and beige. Of course, there are also a wide range of shades inside these basic colors, so you can make many more customisations.

Innovative materials
Ceramic has always been the material of choice for building a bathrooms. But modern bathroom designs offer a wide range of materials that are not only modern and attractive, but also highly durable. For example, stone sinks and countertops are becoming a popular choice for those who want a natural feel for their bathroom. It is also sturdier than the usual tile counter and porcelain sink. Contemporary themes combine contrasting materials such as rough stone and delicate glass, or natural wood and stainless steel. Other popular fixtures are glass vessel sinks, marble countertops, and glass tiles.

Personal space
Many people consider their bathroom their personal space. If you are one of these people, then your bathroom should reflect your personality, moods, and aesthetic tastes to make you feel at home.
When planning your bathroom, browse through online stores and list down your options for each item so that all your pieces will fit in together. Custom-made pieces are a great choice if you have very specific preferences on tub size and shape, toilet design, tilework, or the vanity.

Add a mirror in your bathroom
Mirror is always a fashion element in home decor.A mirror is a great feature that is sometimes overlooked. Don’t just hang the mirror in the most obvious place. Instead, look for the place that will bring in maximum light and complement the color scheme of the bathroom.

Elegant Features
Many people like to design their modern bathroom in the theme of a spa. This gives the bathroom an air of elegance and incredible luxury that everyone craves for their own bathroom.To add extra elegant features to your bathroom, try using some soap dishes, cups and other accessories that give it a very persona touch. Vases and other unique touches will really make the bathroom a place for complete comfort.

There are many replica materials on sale these days, so there is a very strong chance that you can create the look and feel that you want inside your bathroom.

The leader in bathroom decoration

When it comes to bathroom decoration, a brand mustn't be ignored. That is Kohler which has 132 years history in this industry. Now,Kohler has become a leader in plumbing products and a trend-setter for “gracious living.”

Kohler is probably best known for promoting innovation and diversity in bathroom design and bath products. Currently, it offers a wide range of product lines across different price ranges. This means any homeowner can find what they need from Kohler, whether it’s a basic sink or a luxury bathtub.Kohler has 31,000 associates worldwide, and has main offices in North America, Canada, Australia, China, India, Thailand, Germany, UK, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Carribean.

New product lines are constantly featured in the “New Products” and “Bath and Kitchen” sections of their website. Some of their newer offerings include the Archer Suite, which blends “furniture's chamfering techniques and the intricate facets of jewelry;” and the Escale Suite, a Japanese inspired design. The Archer Suite combines curved bases and beveled edges for an edgy yet timeless look. Some of the things to look out for are the Deco handles for lavatory faucets, and the frameless beveled-edge mirror for cabinets or doors.

Of course, the products of Kohler is more expensive than the common brands.If you have enough buget, the Kohler is the best choice for your bathroom.