An elegant wash basin

Wash basin is a good place to start when you’re trying to turn your bathroom into something elegant. Most bathrooms come with a sink/cabinet unit in which the sink and countertop are on a lower cabinet. For added elegance, however, you need to do away with this design. Instead, replace with either a double sink system with a long countertop and quality wooden cabinets, or alternatively, you can opt to forget the sink/cabinet combo system and opt for a free standing sink which simply has the basin on a stand. This look can run the gamut from ultra modern to French country, depending on design of the sink and the stand.


Tips for bathroom storage

Does your bathroom clean and tidy? Do you have doohickey for arrange your bathroom? If not, Let me you some advices and suggestions to you. There are so many itmes in the bathroom, towels, shampoo, soap, conditioner, shaving cream and so on. How to arrange them and make the bathroom looks clear?

First, you can try to fix a closet organizers.This is the common and effective way.Most bathrooms, regardless of their overall size, usually have a small closet for towels and others items built into them. Unfortunately, many of these closets are not designed in a manner in which there is a lot of organizational space.However, now, there are many different bathroom storage options available in the way of closet organizers.

Second,toilet shelving is a relatively popular method of creating space in small bathrooms. Just stand back and take a look at all that space that resides behind your toilet.

Third,you can purchase units that hang from the actual shower head, those that sit conveniently in the corner of the shower, or even hang them on the inner wall of the shower!

Beside, I have write an article "Do you make the best use of bathroom door? " ,that is another way to arrange the small bathroom.

Unique bathroom sink design

Do you have seen a bathroom sink like a artistic work ? The bathroom sink we saw usually a circular, square, rectangular,elliptic which are made of porcelain, marble or glass. But with the time of individuation comes, people like to purchase the unique decoration. like this lemon bathroom sink. It is made of commom material, but it's shape and color is a creative combination. It looks so cute and charming, I think most of female will like it.

Is a glass sink suitable for you?

Glass sink looks more beautiful than porcelain maded.It is morden and with various of pattern and style that make your bathroom distinctive.Glass sinks are made of tempered glass. This is glass that has been heated to just below the melting point and then cooled at a very rapid pace to make it much stronger and more durable than regular glass. The small pebble size pieces are not sharp so there is no danger that you or a child will suffer a deep wound if the sink shatters, which highly unlikely anyway.

Glass sinks are most popular for bathroom sinks, but they can not be used for any sink in the house, including the kitchen and wet bar.Wet bar glass sinks are a particularly good option for homeowners who may be nervous about putting a trendy item in a traditional kitchen or bathroom. glass vessel sinks are continuing to rise in popularity and probably aren't going out of fashion any time soon. Interestingly, most sink trends start in upscale restaurants.

Though glass sink looks beautiful, you have to treat a glass sink with care.Quite often the reason that homeowners have had broken sinks or shower doors that were made of glass is that they were not installed properly.

You need to be careful when filling the sink with water, however. If the glass is really cold, then you should not run hot water into it until the glass has warmed up a bit. You can easily do this by gradually increasing the temperature of the water.

Cleaning a glass sink is actually a lot easier than cleaning one made of acrylic or stainless steel. You can use glass cleaner for cleaning the sink, just as you do for cleaning your windows. If you do have stubborn stains that will not come off easily, vinegar works well in taking these off.

Think about all above, you can make a decision whether to choose a glss sink for your bathroom.

Bathroom mirror is necessary

Mirror is not noly applied, but also decorational.Bathroom mirrors are an essential part of your home. No one can ever go outside a home without looking at their mirrorsThere are some advantage to fixing a mirror.First,It is convenient to dress up oneself after bathing.Second, a bathroom mirror can make a bathroom koos more large.The end, bathroom mirror is a good decoration for bathroom.
Like any other home furnishing, bathroom mirrors come in many forms, styles, and sizes.

Bathroom mirrors come in different forms and shapes. Rectangular mirrors for bathrooms with long and stretching vanities. The circular or round mirrors are also available for single-type bathrooms. Square, spherical, and many other shapes may also be forms of your mirrors.

Variety Of Bathroom Mirrors Mirrors also come in various designs. There are adjustable tilt mirrors and there framed or non-framed mirrors. Let us learn more about these types by reading the items found below.
Adjustable bathroom mirrors are very functional. You can face them at any direction you want. You can tilt them up, down, and on the sides. You can also let them face at different angles. Choosing these mirrors are important especially if you regularly wear make up. They are the most functional types of mirrors these days.

Today, there are many choices for traditional mirrors. You purely have to browse the internet for the assorted choices unfilled.


Kinds of bathroom sinks

Wash basin or bathroom sink is an essential part in the bathroom. Bathroom sinks are a crucial consideration; check them out in shapes and styles from unique to traditional in great finishes to complete your bathroom’s design. There are several kinds of wash basin, which is suitable for your bathroom and which do you like best? Now, let's learn about the detail.

Wall hung sinks can be found in most house in years past.The sinks fit onto the bathroom wall, and leave the space under the sink open and free.

Pedestal sinks: This sink can be found in home and some public place, such as restaurant and hotel. The most advantage of this pedestal sink is saving the space. So if the bathroom is not big enough that you can try to fit the pedestal sinks.In a larger bathroom, like a master bath or large hall bath, place two matching pedestal sinks next to each other for a designer look.

Undermount and self-rimming sinks:This sink is the mainstream in modern home. The undermount sink is mounted under the counter. This style makes wiping the counter top easier. Self-rimming sinks offer a more stylish look.

The vessel sink is a fairly new arrival on the bathroom scene. It is popular with the younth.Vessel sinks require a non standard faucet and waste drain system and are used in new construction or major bathroom renovation. The faucets for these sinks are either deck mounted on a pedestal or are wall mounted.

Next time, I will choose some beautiful photos for these kind of basin and sinks.

Choose a fashion shower curtain for your batroom

There are so many ways and choice for decorating bathroom, but the shower curtain is the necessary one.A fashion and special bathroom shower curtain is probably the quickest, design effective and most economical bathroom decoration goods.

The theme of the shower cutain
Modern or cute, classic or personalization? It is depend on your self.Are you going for a plain strong color, a lighter shade or a white bathroom shower curtain.
If your other bathroom accessories are plain maybe you want to be more flamboyant and choose a highly decorated curtain in the right shades of color.
Your shower curtain could be the main way that you introduce a strong vibrant color into your light and airy bathroom design.
Shower Curtain Materials
Polyester - cotton mixed material shower curtain that is washable, these really do make life so much easier.

Hacteria resistant shower curtain which is permanently treated with an antimicrobial agent to resist mildew, mold, odour and germs.
Keep in mind that:Whether you are going for fun or chic or maybe both so that you can have a change of ambiente.


Decorate your bathroom mirror with light

I took for granted all the times that it is necessary to fixing light above the bathroom mirror. Don't give too little care to the light. It is the soul of the mirror. A common bathroom mirror with a mirror light may be shining and becautiful. Different light can built different style mirror and bathroom. Such as pomposo, simple, modern, personalized. What do you want depend what you do.

Beside decoration function, mirror light is can light up and be convenient to lady to dress them up.Why not to choose a beautiful one?

A bathtub suitable for elderly or handicapped

The walk in bathtubs offers the best warranty that we could find.Walk-in bathtubs are primarily marketed towards the elderly or handicapped population. Walk-in bathtubs, also called safety tubs, allow users to enter without climbing in.Watertight doors swing open when the tub is empty, creating an entryway rarely more than a few inches above the floor.

Walk-in bathtubs are often taller and narrower than traditional bathtubs, making them ideal for smaller spaces such as laundry rooms and converted closets.

Bathing in a Walk In Bathtub is vital for your personal safety and dignity. A quality Walk-In Bathtub catering to your specific needs will not only help solve your bathing problem… it will also make bathing an extremely relaxing, joyful and beneficial experience again… providing you with years of safety, independence and complete satisfaction.


Decorate your bathroom with towel

Towel not only a commodity, but also a decoration gift, it is all depend on you.

Here is an easy trick for keeping your towels neatly folded. Place the towel flat on the bed. Center a standard-size cutting board in the center of the towel. Fold one end of the towel over to the edge of the cutting board; then fold the other side of the towel. You might have to adjust the cutting board so it's perfectly centered. Remove the cutting board, then fold the towel in half. For hand towels, use a smaller cutting board.

Fancy folded hand towels
Lay your hand towel out with the tag facing down. Fold the bottom about a third of the way up. Turn your towel over and fold one side a third of the way over, fold the other side on top and tuck in the ends. Flip the towel over and hang on your towel rack. For a finishing touch add a fan folded wash cloth. For a fan folded wash cloth, lay it down tag side down and flip about an inch of the side over and repeat all the way to the end of your wash cloth. When finished tuck this fan into the pocket of your hanging hand towel. This can also be done to large bath towels, so instead of a washcloth you fan fold a hand towel and place it in the pocket.

Do you make the best use of bathroom door?

The bathroom door is full of unused storage space. Paint the door with magnetic paint to create an attractive surface on which to hang towel hooks and metal disks. Install removable bins and towel bars to store extra towels, shampoo, and soap.


Wall mount faucets for bathroom

Wall mounted bathroom faucets are the perfect companion for above counter (vessel) or wall mount sinks. They are also great for saving counter top space when combined with any sink. Wall mount faucets are very flexible - install them at any height to accommodate vessel sink. They are available in traditional or contemporary styling and in a variety of finishes.

Wall mount bathroom faucets are not reserved for contemporary bathroom design. If you love the look of your traditional bathroom, you can still update the room's look and feel by installing an appropriately designed wall mount faucet fixture. Moen's Kingsley wall mount faucets are the ideal solution for homeowners who want to preserve the traditional look and feel of their bathrooms while at the same time enjoying the modern luxury of a wall mount faucet system.

Smart design for small bathroom

Many of us are asking if it is possible to renovate a small space into an area suitable for whole family use, without compromising on the size of the fittings. Making a small bathroom design into a multi-functional family bathroom means including as many fixtures and fittings as your family requires, while still leaving as much visible floor space as possible.

Bathroom Mirror
One of the best solutions to make small bathrooms seem larger and brighter is with the clever use of mirrors to reflect light around the room and give the impression of more space - this could be with the use of mirrors or mirrored tiles.

Soft Color for
WallsOne of the easiest ways that a person can alter their small bathroom design to make it appear larger is to choose light soft colors for the decor of the bathroom.

Larger tiles create a sense of space, as do rectified porcelain tiles. Because of the way they are made, rectified porcelain tiles are identically-shaped, meaning narrower grout lines and less visual fuss.

The feeling of space can be generated by more visible tiled floor. This can be produced with floating cabinets and a pedestal or wall mounted sink. The vanity unit on the other hand, takes up a lot of floor space and is best avoided.

A sliding door gives more room than a normal hinged door, and can be hidden in an in-wall cavity for a clean look.If you are using a hinged door, don't clutter your walls with towel racks. Hang them on the back of the door instead.


The latest trends in bathroom

The most prevalent bathroom trend is simple enough bigger and better.

Size:The best way to maximize is sometimes simply to de-clutter. Today's bathrooms are equipped with more than just the traditional bath and sink. As homeowners increase the size of their bathrooms, they are experimenting with armoires for storage, music or television and chaise lounges for reading and relaxing. Vintage furniture is also making a splash in the bathroom. Homeowners are using vintage pieces as vanities or for more decorative purposes such as a towel rack or sitting chairs. Many manufacturers are creating fixtures that look and feel like furniture. For example, the American Standard Enfield Suite showcases a freestanding tub large enough for two encased in a wood frame.

Combining different materials is another hot design trend. Everything from glass, chrome and china can be found in baths across the country. Glass and chrome are popular materials emerging in today's bathroom fixtures.American Standard's Dune Console Lavatory combines a number of materials, including marble, wenge finish wood drawers, chrome frames and a glass shelf to provide artistic flair. Believe it or not, stainless steel also is making its way into the bath. Designers are incorporating stainless steel in everything from the sink to the medicine chest to the bathtub to shower walls.

Today's homeowner is looking to make the bath more comfortable, stylish and personal by using fixtures with more than one function. One popular trend is the separate shower and bath. A separate bath provides more flexibility in choosing a tub -- whether a free-standing bath or a relaxing whirlpool.The Striata and Carnivale above-counter basins by Porcher are great examples. The Striata is a fused-glass basin in jewel tones that turns the bathroom into a showcase. The Carnivale, crafted of brilliant artisan-made glass, blends striking designs with bold colors creating the ultimate fixture.

The latest color trends are running the gamut. Natural colors are the most versatile, but designers are incorporating some bolder colors such as red and blue as well as deep forest and emerald green and terra cotta and rust. These colors are used in everything from the paint to the sink to decorative tiles.

Shabby chic bathroom

Shabby Chic style is any easy approach to decorating. The design technique follows few rules and utilizes mismatched colors, patterns, textures and materials. Items are meant to look worn.

The first thing anyone can do to transform and update a plain bathroom in to a shabby chic retreat is to paint the trim white. Yes, white, the mother colors in all things shabby chic! Take it one step further and try using a crackle finish or shabby chic paint finish on your crown molding!

Now, on to the walls, which probably make up the largest surface in your plain bathroom. The walls are one of the least expensive way to update any room into a shabby chic look. Check out the Laura Ashley line of paint colors at Lowes. These colors are perfect for updating a bathroom decor with a shabby chic look.Pale Gold is a wonderful vintage yellow and Sand is a soft and warm tan you will love.

Choose matte or flat wall paint to really get a shabby chic look. Shabby chic bathroom décor should not be shiny or flashy!For a fun and whimsical shabby chic look try taping off your walls in stripes. Paint them in two colors from that shabby chic line of paint. You could also try white and cream lines. This will look awesome in any bathroom of any size!


Dig around in your garage for forgotten pieces. A chipped tea cup serves as candle holder while a tattered wooden shelf may function as a stylish storage solution. Situated in the corner, an old chair is a perfect display piece for a Shabby Chic bathroom.

Hit flea markets and garage sales for the best selection of tattered treasures. Such items are suited for Shabby Chic decor. And best of all, these unloved pieces can be found for less than a dollar.


Country Bathroom

Simply by adding country bathroom accessories and using some easy bathroom decorating ideas, you can transform your bathroom into a warm, relaxing retreat.

This transformation can be easily accomplished without incurring a major expense, providing that you aren't in need of a major remodel. For example, a new tub/shower, toilet, or flooring.

Check, floral or plaid curtains are preferred over roller blinds, and shutters, though rare in England, offer a great form of privacy as well as adding to the country effect. Wood plays a big part in this look, and almost all furniture works well in this setting, especially beech, maple, ash and oak vanity units and cabinets.

Either tiles or wooden floors can be used. Tiles should be a rustic colour, and can be used to create elaborate mosaics. Wooden floors should be varnished to match the furniture. Decorating may see a stenciled motif used as a border, and the technique of rubbing paint on the walls with a sponge gives the room that worn natural look.

Toilets with high level cisterns and pull chains are very rare these days, but a must have for the country bathroom, as are traditional taps for the bath and basin. Just about any kind of free-standing bath will suit the country bathroom. If wishing to have a shower a tiled walk-in shower is the advisable option with a curtain to conceal the area.

Bathroom Decorative Accessories - Baskets are important for storage and decorative purposes - the mere appearance of baskets immediately "says" country. If you have the space, you can neatly roll towels and place them in a basket. This looks great, and of course, very functional, too. Choose two or perhaps 3 colors for your towels and display them on your country towel bars or place them in baskets. There is a really nice item that I like for keeping towels in the bathroom. It is a rack that you hang on the wall with space to roll towels and place them on it.

Bathroom style is developing

Designing and decorating a bathroom can be a costly and time-consuming project. It helps to know your needs and wants. Not sure what yours are? Now, Let's learn the styles of bathroom and choose the suitable one for ourselves.

There are five bathroom styles:Traditional, Country, Shabby chic, Contemporary and Fantasy.

If your tastes are traditional rather than contemporary it is easy to create your dream bathroom with beautifully styled suites that re-create the period feel.

The Fixtures
Freestanding claw feet baths are what make a traditional style bathroom. Nowadays you don't have to trawl through antique stores to find one. They can be purchased from many of the modern bathroom showrooms. Today's vintage bath designs function as beautifully as they look with the latest in design and materials, so you don't have to sacrifice performance for the period style.

Chrome and brass fixtures are vintage, but polished nickel or copper will lend a sophisticated, modern take to your bath. Wall-mounted faucets for the basin or the tub will streamline the appearance without the clutter of complicated plumbing, and enable you to incorporate a modern raised sink bowl without compromising your design. Free-standing console sinks, rather than a cabinet or counter-mounted sink, were typical in the early-20th century.

Bathroom Tiles
Browse books and magazines to get ideas for the particular vintage look you want. If you really want authenticity, choose the colours for paint and tile that were used at that time, or you can be experimental and use your own favourite shades. You can opt for a pristine all-white tile (and there are many shades of white from which to choose) or choose warmer accents with a splash of colour here and there. Mosaic tiling is a popular period style both for walls and floors. Natural materials that are time-appropriate will also enhance the vintage vibe so avoid synthetic materials unless they replicate a natural one like marble or stone. In addition to tile, you can evoke a nostalgic feel by using wainscoting or bead board to cover the walls, with period-appropriate window treatments and wide baseboards to finish the look.

Don't ever be tempted to use a conventional light fitting that's not intended for bathroom use. Light switches must be either outside the bathroom or fitted with a pull cord.


Make your bathroom personalizing

If you're building a new home, you may want to consider designing a bathroom differently than you would if you're remodeling an existing bathroom.

Bath decor - nothing is more beautiful (to me at least) than a room that is 'perfect'. The correct room design, the correct furnishings and let us not omit its decor.A room that is pleasing to the senses - beautiful, luxurious, a pleasure to be in. A room designed to be lived in. Those are beautiful rooms to me and one than can stand out through its bath décor is obviously the remodelled bathroom.A bathroom has such potential for dramatic bath décor and this is something that can be utilized to increase a homes selling price or increase the joy experienced in living in it.

Some useful tips for personalizing your bathroom:

1.Add a light fitting that you like and that is modern, reflecting now. Many bathrooms suffer from very old light fittings that are gaudy colors and dusty to boot!

2.Add matching towel sets.

3.Mirrors can make a bathroom look larger, add light and provide a feature element. Do not skimp on the mirror and it might even be a good idea to use more than one.

4.Add jars, bottles, seashells, rubber duck toys, novelty plugs, novelty shower curtain rings etc.

5.Display loofahs, sponges and other spa items around the bath or hanging in the shower. They look great and they encourage use to keep you sparkling clean!

A novel shower room

I have found a novel shower room on a website, and I will showe you the creative design.

It is one of the most luxurious showers offered by My Bath LLC. Because this steam shower is so large and unique it is only available through special order. Delivery takes about 21-30 days depending on the area you live in. This one of a kind steam shower offers a relaxing reclining jetted bench seat.

The steam shower features a teak wood skirt that surrounds the unit giving it a distinctive look. Its circular shape is also specifically designed with steam building performance in mind. The unit also has several features not commonly found in a home shower. The WMK a-16 comes with a built in telephone allowing you to recieve and make calls from the comfort of your bathroom. They unit also has an integrated sound system with built in FM radio.


Which bathroom style do you like?

Different people like different style bathroom. Such as me, I like morden stysle, it is simple and applied.May be, it is related with people's age and character.Most old people like the traditional style.

Contemporary, modern bathrooms reflect what is going on in the luxury sector but are slightly less radical in design. Typically bathroom suites in this market sector have clean, rounded lines, with little or no fancy detail. This is now the most popular bathroom style and will remain stylish for the foreseeable future. The only downside in this sector is that most of the suites look exactly the same!

Traditional bathrooms suite designs are mainly installed in older properties or when attempting to incorporate as many period features as possible. The traditional Victorian bathroom celebrates an age when the bathroom was ‘the new kid on the block’. After all these years it is still a popular choice for Irish homes.Set the mood in the traditional bathroom by choosing original Victorian colours like bottle green, rich terracotta, deep burgundy. You could also try panelled walls to picture rail height painted to suit. For your floors choose terracotta tiles with a decorative inset or varnished boards. Try flowing white voile, printed chintz, velvet, or timber shutters on your windows.

Traditional/contemporary combinations are also less popular than they once were, as everyone is concentrating on the contemporary sector. Be careful if you are mixing and matching in this style because certain products do no blend well together.


Amusing Japanese Bathroom

In Japan the main purpose of taking a bath, besides cleaning your body, is relaxation at the end of the day. The bath is the main centerpiece for any Japanese home, so much like the fireplace for any American. It provides warmth and a good sense of family bonding aside from the cleanliness it brings.

The typical Japanese bathroom consists of two rooms, an entrance room where you undress and which is equipped with a sink, and the actual bathroom which is equipped with a shower and a deep bath tub. The toilet is almost always located in an entirely separate room.

One of the primary installations in a Japanese bathroom comprises of a deep tub, which is used solely for soaking purposes, not washing. Without this, a bathroom is considered to be useless. The tub in a Japanese bathroom is, more often than not, made of seasoned wood. These days, you will find on-demand water heaters in most of the Japanese bathroom, which heat water only when required. So, this will be another major installation that you need to pay attention to, while creating a Japanese-style bathroom in your home.

If you want to create a traditional Japanese bathroom, forget about shower and showerheads. They make use of pails to wash themselves and enter the tub only after cleaning themselves thoroughly. However, you might use showers if you want a contemporary Japanese bath.

A lack of ambient design is very common with most Japanese bathroom design, as they prefer to have a sense of harmony, the way they need to relax without reminding them of their jobs. Although most designers also introduced some modern hardware like an LCD screen to watch while dipping in hot water or simple pictures, they would use any space to their advantage without being too overbearing.