Tips for bathroom storage

Does your bathroom clean and tidy? Do you have doohickey for arrange your bathroom? If not, Let me you some advices and suggestions to you. There are so many itmes in the bathroom, towels, shampoo, soap, conditioner, shaving cream and so on. How to arrange them and make the bathroom looks clear?

First, you can try to fix a closet organizers.This is the common and effective way.Most bathrooms, regardless of their overall size, usually have a small closet for towels and others items built into them. Unfortunately, many of these closets are not designed in a manner in which there is a lot of organizational space.However, now, there are many different bathroom storage options available in the way of closet organizers.

Second,toilet shelving is a relatively popular method of creating space in small bathrooms. Just stand back and take a look at all that space that resides behind your toilet.

Third,you can purchase units that hang from the actual shower head, those that sit conveniently in the corner of the shower, or even hang them on the inner wall of the shower!

Beside, I have write an article "Do you make the best use of bathroom door? " ,that is another way to arrange the small bathroom.

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