How to Green Bathroom Decor

Keep your bathroom looking clean, elegant, simple and natural with lines that are sleek, but eco-friendly as well. Opt for sustainable bamboo as a source for textiles, as well as water cups or toothbrush holders. Put special thought into a pebble, plant or branch arrangement, and it will show.


 1,Adorn and embellish a countertop with bamboo or metal cups (as opposed to a stack of paper cups). Add a plant in a similarly fashioned pot, and a glass or metal soap dish. Consider a simple plate filled with beach pebbles, shells and a small piece of driftwood. Arrange branches that you find locally in a locally handcrafted vase for the full effect.

 2,Use bamboo or organic towels, bathroom rugs and toilet seat covers in naturally colored fabrics of off white or tan. Avoid nylon. Bamboo trashcans are available as well.

 3,Invest in a local piece of art, whether painting, textile, silkscreen, photo or even sculpture to feature in your bathroom. Consider a beach scene or something whimsical. Frame the piece in local, or at least American, wood to truly keep it green.

  4,Purchase recycled toilet paper.

  5,Splurge on a natural fiber shower curtain, rather than the vinyl PVC variety. Nowadays you can find hemp as well as organic cotton; hemp is considered more mildew-resistant than cotton.