How to Decorate a Bathroom With Accessories

      Prior to choosing bathroom accessories, decide on a decor theme. The bathroom decor style will set the tone for the color palette and materials used. Another option is to pick a bathroom color scheme, such as a white and blue or lavender and green duo. Choose bathroom accessories that enhance the style or colors to create a cohesive look. If you are redecorating a bathroom on a budget, buy colorful towels or a patterned shower curtain to instantly update the look of the space

1, Choose a shower curtain according to the bathroom's decor theme. Pick a white eyelet curtain for a vintage or romantic-inspired bathroom, a vibrantly colored frog-patterned curtain for a rainforest theme, or a white and pink toile curtain to create a shabby chic style. Hang the shower curtain from decorative hooks, such as red rose or lily-pad-shaped versions.

2, Pick towels that coordinate with the bathroom color scheme. Enhance a nature-themed bathroom with grass green, coral orange or sunny yellow towels. Choose mauve pink and chocolate brown towels for a romantic or shabby chic style space. Hang the towels on wall racks or roll them and display them on wall shelves.

3,  Enhance tile or wood floors with rugs. Choose a red heart-shaped or plush white rug for a bathroom with a romantic, glamorous flair. Pick a woven bamboo or green shag rug reminiscent of grass for a rainforest-themed space.

4, Decide on decorative and convenient bathroom accessories. Go for an opulent look with shiny gold accessories, such as a wastebasket and lotion and hand soap dispensers. Choose a lily-pad-shaped soap dish and frog-patterned toothbrush holder and sink cup set to create a rainforest theme.

5, Complete the bathroom design with decor pieces. Display a vintage vase filled with fresh flowers on a vanity table. Hang black and white family photos in antique gold frames. Fill a woven rattan vase with bird of paradise flowers for a tropical forest look.