Musical Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom decorating should do more than please the eye, it should soothe our senses. Soft, tinkling sounds and relaxing music make ideal musical bathroom decorating additions. So consider introducing a wind chime,fountain music box, or shower CD player radio to your bathroom decor. Then your soothing bath or shower after a long day will become all that more relaxing.

Musical Bathroom Decorating with Wind Chimes

For a whimsical musical bathroom decorating idea hang wind chimes over your shower or bathtub. The sound of the wind chimes will reverberate through your bathroom soothing your soul. Choose wind chimes that will enhance your bathroom decor with their glitter and beauty, such as glass wind chimes which will not rust overtime. And choose watery colors like blues and greens to enhance the beauty of your bathroom decor. Bathroom decorating with wind chimes is as easy as installing a hook in the ceiling. You can even hang the chimes low enough in your shower for the water to splash and move them, or low over your head where you like to rest in the tub, so you can look up and enjoy your new bathroom decorating idea.

Musical Bathroom Decorating with Music Boxes

For a charming musical bathroom decorating idea display a music box on a mantle shelf. Mantle shelves are easy to install and come in unfinished wood, black or white, to suit your bathroom decor. Install a mantle shelf over your toilet or towel rack, then enhance your bathroom decorating by choosing a music box with a soothing theme, like a fairy in a glass globe, or a fountain music box. Simply google the query: Fountain Music Boxes for a wide selection of musical bathroom decor.

Musical Bathroom Decorating with a Shower CD Player Radio

For a truly musical bathroom decorating idea choose a shower CD player radio with a sleek, modern look. There is a wide selection on the internet, so just google the query: Shower CD Player Radio and choose to look at images only. This way you are likely to find the shower CD player radio that fits in with your bathroom decor. And be sure to check out the Jensen shower CD player radio, which comes with a fog resistant mirror.

Rice Paper Shower Curtains

Rice paper shower curtains are not actually made of rice paper, which wouldn't hold up well if it got wet. Instead, the shower curtains are made of vinyl which is designed to look like rice paper by incorporating swirling white lines.

The simplicity of a plain white rice paper shower curtain blends well with many different bathroom color schemes.

-- In an all-white bathroom
, the overall effect will be one of peaceful serenity, making the bathroom a soothing retreat from the world.

-- In a black-and-white bathroom, the white rice paper shower curtain will add to the sophisticated tone.

-- In a bathroom decorated in many colors, the white rice paper shower curtain will blend with all of them and not introduce any disharmonious notes.

The white rice paper shower curtain works nicely both in bathrooms that are decorated simply and in bathrooms with many decorative elements.

Because the white curtain is itself so simple, it accentuates the simplicity of bathrooms where every design element has been carefully selected. And because the rice-paper pattern evokes thoughts of Japanese design, it works especially well with bathrooms decorated in an Asian style or incorporating Asian themes.

On the other hand, in busy and even cluttered bathrooms, the simple white curtain will help keep the contents of the room from feeling overwhelming.

While the all-white curtains are the most common and the most versatile type of rice paper shower curtains, the curtains are also available in a pretty shade of green that evokes the feeling of being in a forest. The green curtains would be especially nice in bathrooms where there are potted and/or hanging plants.

Rice paper shower curtains are also available with designs that are printed on the white rice-paper background. The designs, which include flowers and butterflies, are pretty and feminine.

When choosing a curtain with a design, match one of the dominant colors in the design to a color that is in the bathroom's walls or in its accessories.

It's best to avoid using more than one pattern in a bathroom, especially if the bathroom is small. Therefore, if you choose a rice paper shower curtain with a design, look for solid-colored towels and bath rugs in colors that either match or complement the colors in the shower curtain's foreground pictures. However, there are exceptions to the rule of using only one pattern at a time. For example, large flowers on a rice paper shower curtain may make an interesting contrast with small flowers on the towels, as long as the colors and shapes are harmonious.

When combining patterns, there are no hard and fast rules. Intuition and one's innate sense of color and harmony come into play. Hold the patterned materials next to each other, and pay attention to how the contrast makes you feel.

Rice paper shower curtains may be opaque or semi-opaque. Opaque curtains provide the most privacy, while semi-opaque or translucent curtains allow more light into the shower area.

Because the curtains are made of vinyl, it is not necessary to use a curtain liner. They are durable and easy to take care of. Simply wipe them clean with a sponge.

The curtains are inexpensive. They can easily be found online and are also sold in some brick-and-mortar stores.

Ideas for Decorating an Ocean Themed Bathroom

Sand and Sea
Texture is a strong part of creating an illusion for an ocean themed bathroom. The feel of the sand on your feet, is one of the first thoughts of visiting the ocean, along with the varigated colors of the ocean view. Mimic these textures for ocean themed decor.

Find durable carpeting with ultra soft, low cut fibers. The carpet should be stain and water resistant. Select a beige or a blended carpet of multiple shades of brown. Complement this carpet with matching accessories of rugs and bathroom fixtures. Alternatively, a decorator may choose to use tile with a textured appearance.

Apply a base coat of white or light blue paint mixed with salt or sand. This gives a 3D effect to the wall. Sponge paint different shades of blue in small sections over the base coat. This mimics the appearance of the various colors of the ocean. Paint the ceiling a light shade of yellow to reflect the sun shining on the bathroom scene.

When using ocean themed bathroom decorating ideas, don't be afraid to step outside of the neutral colored box. Ocean decorating can transform your small room into a wonder of big colors.

When creating ocean themed bathroom decorating ideas, begin with the walls. As you relax in a tub after a long day, the walls of the room become your view. Make this view the ocean.

For an ocean decorated wall, paint the entire wall a medium blue or aqua blue using a traditional brush. Once the wall is almost dry, use a sponge to dab darker blue paint in wave patterns along the bottom half of the wall.

Simply dab a natural sponge into the paint and lightly dab. Do not press hard as the paint will run.

Once you have created the ocean waves, complete the wall by creating a faux painted clouds and sky. White paint, lightly dabbed with a clean sponge, will create a cloud appearance.

Suddenly, your view from your tub of relaxation is now one typically related to the beach. Continue this theme throughout the bathroom. Paint the ceiling white and use dark blue rugs and towels. Small pictures of the beach and beach goers add finishing touches.


Creative Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You can simply choose any bathroom remodel ideas that you think would fit your needs, lifestyle and space. All you have to do is to assess the space of the bathroom, determine your budget, and of course have the design that you like. Take note that even a very simple bathroom remodel ideas can have your private space appear wider, along with additional cabinets or shelves.

Widening of the Space
Study the adjoining rooms next to your bathroom. Consider some possibilities of extending a bit of the bathroom area on the least-used part of the adjoining room. This is the most typical reason on why bathrooms are being remodeled. Also important is the design that you prefer in order to make the remodeling fast and efficient, take note that you will need to crush down some concrete walls; that is why careful planning is a must.

Redecorating and Repainting
Oftentimes, people just want to give their bathrooms some new look and design. This means that you just need to have some color scheme changing and modification of some cabinets and fixtures inside the room to get that dreamed new appearance. Also, you can add personalized accessories that would stand out and reflect the kind of personality that you have. It can be done by adding some frames, and choosing the right paint color.

New Installations
If the bathroom area is ample for your requirements and there is no extension needed, you might be thinking of just replacing newer and modern tiles, bathtubs, sinks, faucets and toilet bowls. Buy the latest toilet fixtures that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

There are a variety of great bathroom decorating ideas out there. One simple idea that can be very effective is to change the wallpaper in the bathroom. Adding new wallpaper is a pretty cheap way to change the overall look of your bathroom.

Add a few nice rugs and towels to match the wallpaper or paint color and your entire bathroom will immediately begin to look different. Of course changing the paint in the bathroom is another one of the many bathroom decorating ideas you should consider and often works out to be cheaper if you undertake the paint work yourself.

Go with a nice bright color, and you’ll change the entire appearance of your bathroom. Towels that match or contrast will be a nice touch, and a few new knobs or pulls for your bathroom cabinets will complete the new look.

Even if you don’t actually have a bathroom theme in mind, by simply changing the wallpaper or the paint color you can make your bathroom look great by taking this simple bathroom decorating idea into account.


DIY Wine Cork Bathmat

If you're quickly tasting your way through your wine collection, you might as well use all those corks for something. Craft blog Craftynest has a guide for creating an attractive, foot-friendly bath mat by hot gluing them to some shelf liner.

All you need for this project is a hot glue gun, some non-adhesive shelf liner, and a lot of wine corks. You'll probably want a cutting board to work with, too, as you'll be doing a lot of cutting. To make the corks stay down easier (and so you only need half as many), you'll need to cut each one in half first before hot gluing them down onto the shelf liner. Other than the time it may take to do so (and the necessary precision if you want it to look nice), the project is pretty simple.

Craftynest's instructions say that you need a rotary cutter and some fancy cutting mats, but this isn't completely necessary—as long as you find some way to cut the shelf liner (or any other no-slip material you decide to use for the base), you shouldn't need anything too heavy-duty. In fact, the hardest part of the whole thing is probably going to be drinking all that wine (and remembering to keep the corks). Hit the link for the full instructions.


Transform Your Apartment Bathroom

Apartment bathrooms can be bleak and tiny to say the least. While you probably can't knock down any walls, and purchasing a large bathtub might be a waste of money, you can do a few things to make your bathroom a lot less depressing. From lighting to bathmats, your apartment bathroom can be transformed into a quiet, and cozy, oasis.

Apartment Bathroom Mirror IdeasWho has the loveliest apartment bathroom of them all? Why, you do! Well, you will when you change that boring old mirror into something truly eye-catching. Mirrors are relatively inexpensive, they are entirely expressive, and they are easy to install (just make sure to store your apartment mirror carefully...you'll want to take your new mirror with you when you move!). Mirrors such as this one from Ikea are cheap and chic.

Replace Your Apartment Bathroom Light FixtureMost apartment bathrooms include ghastly fluorescent lights. If you're dealing with these less-than-flattering lights, have no fear - lights are easy to change. Find a delightful bathroom light that you love. Simply ask your superintendant to change the light for you, or do it yourself (shut off the power first!). Remember, you can take a light with you when you move, so this is a worthwhile investment. Just remember to save the light fixture that came with the apartment and re-install it when you leave.

Accessorize Your Apartment Bathroom
You accessorize your outfits, so why not your bathroom? By adding a few accessories here and there, you'll really make your bathroom your own. The best part about great bathroom accessories is that they are not expensive - really! Also, you can take any of these easy installations with you if you decide to switch apartments. Wall hooks, switch plates, soap dispensers, cabinet hardware, towel racks and waterproof art are removable ways to beautify your apartment bathroom.

Non-Slip Stickers = Bacteria from the Previous Tenant
If the previous tenant stuck non-slip decals to your bathtub, then you'll want to remove them (just think about all that bacteria!). To do this, warm some vinegar on your stovetop, soak a rag in the vinegar, and allow the rag to sit on the stickers for a good amount of time. The scrape off with a flat object that won't scratch the tub. We recommend using an old CD as a scraper. Photo credit: Pirate Johnny on Flickr.

Choose What You Love and Be Creative with Your Apartment BathroomNo matter what your current bathroom situation is, you can always add your own flavor (and remove any unpleasant former tenant traces) to your bathroom space. Choose items that you love, find things that will help you to relax, and don't be afraid to splurge a bit. You'll have your own private bathroom space in no time. Photo credit: Vivi V. on Flickr.

New Tub and Enclosure in Bathroom

By and large, tubs are usually placed in a corner and therefore single-sided fiberglass tub enclosures are quite popular. A rule of thumb to follow in case of tub enclosure is that the less complicated they are, the more efficiently they will prevent leakage and the lower the cost they will be. Tub enclosures are available in a variety of designs. Three common types are:

Standard bypass enclosures:
These include two sliding doors that are suspended on rollers and run on a metal rail. The doors are framed and held in place by a lower rail. It is good for control shower spray and is quite popular.
Frameless glass doors:
Removing the frames makes the enclosure look elegant and modern.
Three panel doors:
By sliding two panels over the remaining one, you get greater access to the tub.

The enclosures are usually tiled, solid surface, glass, or fiberglass. The benefits and drawbacks of each are given below.

Solid Surface: A solid surface enclosure offers the advantage of being resistant to scratches, impact, and stains. Being non-porous, it is not easily attacked by fungus and bacteria, which is a big plus in the warm and moist bathroom environments. It also retains its color and does not get yellow with age.

Fiberglass: These tub enclosures do not get moldy and are therefore an attractive alternative to tile. Since they are prefabricated, they are also easy to install. They are leak proof and can be customized to enclose your tub so that you can utilize the space to the best possible advantage.

Glass: Has for long been a traditional favorite, it is available in a variety of designs. Recently, three panel and four panel glass tub enclosures have become popular because they facilitate movement for elderly persons.

Tubs can be made of enameled cast iron, enameled steel, acrylic, or fiberglass. Each material has its own benefits.

Enameled Cast Iron: Long lasting material, still popular. The enamel is to prevent staining and scratching. The material is heavy as well as expensive and is therefore rarely used for large tubs.

Fiberglass: An inexpensive option, fiberglass tubs are lightweight and easy to install. Fiberglass does not have the durability or color finish of acrylic. It shows signs of wear after 15 to 20 years. However, it is easy to repair.

Acrylic: Acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass, is more durable and more expensive than fiberglass. It is a preferred choice as a material for large tubs and whirlpools because it is lightweight, easy to install, and can be shaped without much trouble. It has good insulating properties and keeps water warm for longer periods.

Porcelain on Steel: Porcelain enamel is fused onto the surface of a single unit steel shell. It has good stain and abrasion resistance, is relatively light in weight and moderately priced. Its resistance to acids and chemicals makes it easy to clean with household chemicals. However, if the porcelain enamel is broken or chipped, the steel may rust.

Cultured Marble: It is a synthetic product manufactured from crushed limestone and a resin. It is given a gel coat finish, which increases the resistance to wear and provides durability. It can be repaired if it chips. However, it cannot withstand high temperatures and is quite brittle. If exposed to a temperature above 150 Fahrenheit, the material may crack. It is more expensive than acrylic but cheaper than cast iron.


Bathroom lights for creating extravagancy in your bathrooms

Most of us think, extravagance of a home is meant only for the outer areas such as living area, bedrooms, hall ways, and guest rooms and conveniently forget about the bathrooms and its decorative values. However, one who believes in indulgence always looks for something that is extraordinary and gives a lot of comfort even in bathrooms!

Here we are talking about lavish bathrooms which are decorated with gorgeous bathroom lights and light fixtures. You might wonder what you are going to do with your bathroom other than lighting it up with a ceiling light which provides the general light and some simple cabinets that hold the bathing items. However, those who want to have a lavish bathroom can think over many things that give a great look to the bathrooms.

Most of us think, extravagance of a home is meant only for the outer areas such as living area, bedrooms, hall ways, and guest rooms and conveniently forget about the bathrooms and its decorative values. However, one who believes in indulgence always looks for something that is extraordinary and gives a lot of comfort even in bathrooms!

Here we are talking about lavish bathrooms which are decorated with gorgeous bathroom lights and light fixtures. You might wonder what you are going to do with your bathroom other than lighting it up with a ceiling light which provides the general light and some simple cabinets that hold the bathing items. However, those who want to have a lavish bathroom can think over many things that give a great look to the bathrooms.


How to make a country themed bathroom

A country bathroom takes you back to the good old days while still keeping things modern - modern fixtures with old fashioned style. These ideas will get you off to a good start on creating your own personal country
bathroom. Of course, there are many more to look at, but these will give you a good idea of what a country bathroom style is and even if they are not exactly what you want, you will gain the knowledge of what makes country country. If you have a country style home, then it makes good decorating sense to have a country bathroom as well. Style and fashion should extend to all rooms in the home. Start out with these basic design needs, add on some personal accessories that tickle your fancy and you have a country bathroom like no one else does, your own personal country spa, if that is what you wish it to be. Happy hunting.

One of the most important things to consider when decorating a country bathroom is what to do with the wall. One traditional country wall treatment is wainscoting. It comes up to less than half the height of the wall and can give either a casual or elegant feeling, depending on the style. It is an old style that has been making a big come back in recent years.

Next is to decide on what goes above the wainscoting. Floral wallpaper like the Parlour Vine Blue and Yellow Wallcovering by Waverly is a traditional pattern. If you decide on a solid color wallpaper or paint for the wall, a border like those shown on the above page will add a finishing touch. Or a wood molding would be perfect in either case.

The floor in a country bathroom could be traditional tiles like the small black and white tiles that everyone remembers or laminated wood, which is waterproof. Whatever your floor choice is, you will need bathroom rugs places strategically around.


Eco Friendly Toilets

Toto has been in the water saving business years before anyone else. Their latest innovation is the dual flush toilet- it has low and high capacity flushes depending on what you need. The larger flush mode already uses very little water, and compensates for it with high pressure angled flushes. This brand also has the most models that are compatible with the Water $mart rebates and are a choice appliance in LEED constructions worldwide.

Kohler is another leader in water efficiency. They recently won the 2009 Watersense Partner of the Year Award. Kohler also takes a strong step outside of traditional toilet design on many models, adding a squared of sense of modernism to many of their models.

Another brand of note is American Standard, which has positioned itself on the cutting edge of visual and environmental design (they are also a Watersense partner). American Standard incorporates oversized flush valves so that even though less water is being used, it is pushed out more forcefully to ensure a clean flush.

Aerated faucets are another key way to save water when you use it. Plumbtile‘s own brand of fixtures features the latest integrated aerator heads in our main line of faucets. The integrated design maximizes efficiency over an installed aerator after the point of manufacture.

Remember to check all available specifications of whichever fixture you’re interested in. Not only should the water output be low, but it needs to be effective as well. What good is a toilet with a low flow flush if you flush three times as normal? Look at the user reviews of our products on the PlumbTile site to help inform your decisions.

Eco-friendly Faucet

Blending eco and esthetics, this new eco friendly faucet by Italian bathroom brand ST Rubinetterie truly has it all. The Shark faucet designed by Simone Micheli will satisfy your style and eco-sustainability cravings. Like its namesake, the Shark faucet features a smooth, streamlined look that will instantly modernize your bathrooms. Minimalist in its mold, this faucet is simple, but not simplistic. Easy to operate features displayed on the faucet’s one-piece spout adds convenience to comfort. Check out the eco-friendly and stylish Shark faucet, by ST Rubinetterie.

Moen has just introduced a new line of green kitchen faucets. They’ve already been carrying other green faucets for a while but their new eco-performance line of kitchen faucets is being touted as the first real green water saving faucets for the kitchen. The new Lindley Eco-Performance kitchen faucet offers beautiful, traditional styling, consumer-preferred high-arc pulldown spout – and a multi-function spray wand featuring water-saving settings.

What makes these faucets eco-friendly?

Faucets offer three unique water-flow settings. For everyday tasks that require constant, yet low-water flow, such as washing dishes or preparing foods, homeowners can choose new eco-performance standard stream or aerated spray modes. These special setting help you save water and money by providing a reduced flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute (gpm), which translates to a 32 percent water savings. For tasks that require a set amount of water, such as filling a pot or pitcher – you can switch your faucet to the fast-fill mode, which flows at the standard 2.2 gpm rate.


Give Your Baby A Fairy Tales Bathroom

If you are confident that our baby's in the toilet is not in danger, we can focus on comfort and aesthetics of the interior. Colorful and cheerful finish bathrooms make comfort will be happy to carry out hygiene rituals.

Many parents find bath times a struggle. However, there are creative ways you can use to transform the struggles into giggles. As for the decor, we need to combine functionality with fun. The interior of a bathroom should be warm and cozy. Choice of color, of course, depends on the household, but the basic principle is moderation.

There are many bath tubs on the market today for kids ages six months to five years.These bath tubs are usually inflatable and slip-proof and even sport a nice headrest. Because of these features, these bath tubs are also portable and can even be used for babies who are able to sit unassisted. For children who are age three to five, you can look into purchasing waterproof bathtub stickers, which come in a variety of carton figures, butterflies, fairy tales, etc.

Have fun with the paint. A mural on the wall with your favorite characters is great if the bath is big enough, or you can paint multistripes on the wall, horizontally or vertically. Colors is not yet bright. Using the bathroom paved with red tiles and sharp only distracts. Important to a child in the bathroom felt comfortable, but also focused on activities performed. Must choose one of the leading color and make it the color contrast, or a different shade. Select color clear, universal, then the easiest way to adjust the color additives.

Younger teenager certainly will not want to use the bathroom, which was lined with tiles with the image of Winnie the Pooh. Easier to change than because of the wall. It's better to focus on accessories that can be easily converted into a "more adult" when a child tired of the existing design.

Shower curtains, hooks, tumbler, rugs and even toothbrush holders are all also available at many baby stores. Such bath accessories include fun and colorful themes (e.g., flowers, butterflies, fairy tales, boats and teddy bears). Additionally, wall stickers are available in the same themes that can be used to decorate the walls of your bathroom (or you could always paint the walls with such a theme).

Last, a cover clamp for your toilet, also available at the Child Safety Store but only in plain white, snaps the lid of the toilet shut so curious kids won't lift the lid and encounter a potential drowning hazard — or just make a big watery mess. And unlike those "childproof" medicine caps, adults can readily operate the toilet clamp.

A Simple Way to Makeover Your Bathroom Mirror

For homeowners looking to make their homes stand out from the pack, a bathroom makeover always tops the list. But, according to Remodeling magazine, the average cost of a mid-scale bathroom remodel is a whopping $15,789—a high price to pay considering today's slowing economy and housing market. So, how can homeowners who are on a budget get that updated look for less?

You may get a flat, lifeless, plate-glass type of mirror like this in your bathroom? Have you ever wondered what it would look like with a nicer framed mirror over your sink instead? Then check out these bathroom mirror makeovers, starting with this one. I think you’ll be amazed by what a difference a new mirror can make!

Simply measure your mirror, choose your look, and order your new frame. With hundreds of combinations of materials, colors, and styles, it's easy to choose the look that's right for your bathroom.

Within a few days you will receive your custom cut mirror frame including all the accessories you need to install it in minutes. Most manufacturers use a simple installation method that attaches to the surface of your mirror using a heavy duty tape, and corner connectors. This makes it easy for anyone to install the frame using no special tools or skills. Once complete, the frame is securely adhered to the glass for a worry-free install.

Add a custom mirror frame to your bathroom mirror to unlock its true potential as an enhancement to your living space. It's easier and much more affordable than you might think.




Warm Up Your Bathroom

Having a warm towel ready for use after a bath or shower can give a warm feeling to the whole room. Do you know how to warm up your bathroom in winter? There are some advice you can follow.

Hot Air Towel Warmers
A fairly inexpensive system that requires little professional installation is a hot air towel warmer. These units will frequently plug into a bathroom’s GFCI unit, and will warm the towels placed on them much like a hair drier, by blowing hot air onto the towel.

Heated towel rails can be found at most plumbing or home improvement retailers. Be sure to speak to a contractor about what kind of work will need to be carried out for installation, to ensure that this will not require more work than previously thought.

Electric Towel Warmers
An electric towel warmer is a wall attachment, with several rails to hold one or more towels. It is wired directly into the bathrooms GFCI outlet, and will frequently have a small on/off switch located somewhere on the unit. It warms only the towel or article of clothing that is coming into direct contact with it, and will frequently need to have the towel spread over a few rails to help it reach the optimum temperature.

A good time to have an electric towel warmer installed would be during a bathroom renovation, an electrical upgrade, or at any time that a general contractor will be in the bathroom working, as the walls may need to be opened to install the warmer properly.

Hydraulic Towel Warmers
An hydraulic towel warmer uses hot water, circulating within the frame to warm the towels. It is hooked directly into the home’s heating system, and works well with radiant heat, or other heating systems that use continuous hot water circulation. An hydraulic towel warmer makes efficient use of its heat, and in some cases can even transfer heat to its surroundings. In many cases, however, an hydraulic warmer will use convection to simply warm what touches it, and nothing else.

An hydraulic towel warmer would need to be hooked up to the home’s hot water source during a major bathroom or home renovation, as this will require both the opening of the wall, and the routing of hot water pipes to the source required.


Simple and Elegant Bathroom

Elegant not means complicated, you can design a bathroom simple but elegant.Texture overrules ornamentation in this simple and elegant bathroom. The smooth grain of the bath's wood cabinets and the frosted-glass shower enclosure have a natural drama that doesn't require excessive fixtures.

The large-size floor tiles also interject interest with their restful and subdued mixture of colors. Smoky gray and beige, like pebbles washed ashore, the tiles have a serene character evocative of leisurely strolls along a beach.

Continuing the hazy-hued tiles as a tub surround lends a woodland feel to the bathing area. Resting in the warm water, a bather can lean back and see the treetops through the high windows in the bathing area that let in the light while preserving privacy.

To safeguard the feeling of harmony, clutter is not allowed. Instead, the bath is equipped with plenty of storage that also acts as part of the design.
The bath's quiet mood also stems from the comforting, neutral shade of the walls and the ceiling. Closely identified today with Asian styles of decorating, the pale colors are thought to give the mind time to dream and relax.

Two grooming areas, each arranged with a mirror, allow a couple to share the space without battling for elbow room. The vanity area, though, includes a small magnifying mirror that makes it even more beneficial during daily grooming.

Bathroom, Safety with Style

It's not enough for a bath to be beautiful. For you and your family, you want a bath that is also safe.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has a number of guidelines to help you design a room that will assure livability for the young and the old as well as those people who may have special physical needs.

Handy grab bars, wider doorways, and whirlpool tubs with fold-down seats, for example, are three "universal access" benefits that will be smart today and for all the years to come.

But that's not to say you have to sacrifice style. Lavatories that offer the convenience of countertop installation while permitting full wheelchair accessibility, say, can be as stunning as this bath proves.

Tiles with a nonslip finish are forever appealing, especially when their color is one of the new cheery citrus-greenish-yellow tones so currently popular.

If you like streamlined styling, consider giving your bathroom a minimalist look. Get specific decorating ideas in the next section