Rice Paper Shower Curtains

Rice paper shower curtains are not actually made of rice paper, which wouldn't hold up well if it got wet. Instead, the shower curtains are made of vinyl which is designed to look like rice paper by incorporating swirling white lines.

The simplicity of a plain white rice paper shower curtain blends well with many different bathroom color schemes.

-- In an all-white bathroom
, the overall effect will be one of peaceful serenity, making the bathroom a soothing retreat from the world.

-- In a black-and-white bathroom, the white rice paper shower curtain will add to the sophisticated tone.

-- In a bathroom decorated in many colors, the white rice paper shower curtain will blend with all of them and not introduce any disharmonious notes.

The white rice paper shower curtain works nicely both in bathrooms that are decorated simply and in bathrooms with many decorative elements.

Because the white curtain is itself so simple, it accentuates the simplicity of bathrooms where every design element has been carefully selected. And because the rice-paper pattern evokes thoughts of Japanese design, it works especially well with bathrooms decorated in an Asian style or incorporating Asian themes.

On the other hand, in busy and even cluttered bathrooms, the simple white curtain will help keep the contents of the room from feeling overwhelming.

While the all-white curtains are the most common and the most versatile type of rice paper shower curtains, the curtains are also available in a pretty shade of green that evokes the feeling of being in a forest. The green curtains would be especially nice in bathrooms where there are potted and/or hanging plants.

Rice paper shower curtains are also available with designs that are printed on the white rice-paper background. The designs, which include flowers and butterflies, are pretty and feminine.

When choosing a curtain with a design, match one of the dominant colors in the design to a color that is in the bathroom's walls or in its accessories.

It's best to avoid using more than one pattern in a bathroom, especially if the bathroom is small. Therefore, if you choose a rice paper shower curtain with a design, look for solid-colored towels and bath rugs in colors that either match or complement the colors in the shower curtain's foreground pictures. However, there are exceptions to the rule of using only one pattern at a time. For example, large flowers on a rice paper shower curtain may make an interesting contrast with small flowers on the towels, as long as the colors and shapes are harmonious.

When combining patterns, there are no hard and fast rules. Intuition and one's innate sense of color and harmony come into play. Hold the patterned materials next to each other, and pay attention to how the contrast makes you feel.

Rice paper shower curtains may be opaque or semi-opaque. Opaque curtains provide the most privacy, while semi-opaque or translucent curtains allow more light into the shower area.

Because the curtains are made of vinyl, it is not necessary to use a curtain liner. They are durable and easy to take care of. Simply wipe them clean with a sponge.

The curtains are inexpensive. They can easily be found online and are also sold in some brick-and-mortar stores.

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