Ideas for Decorating an Ocean Themed Bathroom

Sand and Sea
Texture is a strong part of creating an illusion for an ocean themed bathroom. The feel of the sand on your feet, is one of the first thoughts of visiting the ocean, along with the varigated colors of the ocean view. Mimic these textures for ocean themed decor.

Find durable carpeting with ultra soft, low cut fibers. The carpet should be stain and water resistant. Select a beige or a blended carpet of multiple shades of brown. Complement this carpet with matching accessories of rugs and bathroom fixtures. Alternatively, a decorator may choose to use tile with a textured appearance.

Apply a base coat of white or light blue paint mixed with salt or sand. This gives a 3D effect to the wall. Sponge paint different shades of blue in small sections over the base coat. This mimics the appearance of the various colors of the ocean. Paint the ceiling a light shade of yellow to reflect the sun shining on the bathroom scene.

When using ocean themed bathroom decorating ideas, don't be afraid to step outside of the neutral colored box. Ocean decorating can transform your small room into a wonder of big colors.

When creating ocean themed bathroom decorating ideas, begin with the walls. As you relax in a tub after a long day, the walls of the room become your view. Make this view the ocean.

For an ocean decorated wall, paint the entire wall a medium blue or aqua blue using a traditional brush. Once the wall is almost dry, use a sponge to dab darker blue paint in wave patterns along the bottom half of the wall.

Simply dab a natural sponge into the paint and lightly dab. Do not press hard as the paint will run.

Once you have created the ocean waves, complete the wall by creating a faux painted clouds and sky. White paint, lightly dabbed with a clean sponge, will create a cloud appearance.

Suddenly, your view from your tub of relaxation is now one typically related to the beach. Continue this theme throughout the bathroom. Paint the ceiling white and use dark blue rugs and towels. Small pictures of the beach and beach goers add finishing touches.

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