About Spain Bathroom Decor

A bathroom is the perfect spot to remodel into a theme room, since it's usually a smaller room that will confine the look. Since the invention of Saltillo tile in 1577, the Spanish and Mexican heritages have relied heavily on tile to give their rooms flavor. With the wide assortment of colorful tile available today, it makes sense that the Spanish or Mexican look would transcend nicely into a bathroom.


The overall look of a Spanish-styled room is warm and inviting. Rich earthy colors drawn from nature set the backdrop. A combination of tile, fabric, texture, pottery, leather, ceramics, copper and wood all contribute to the creation of a warm, casual yet elegant room.

Floors and Walls

Floors can be either tile or hardwood. Saltillo tile provides a look of authenticity. Wood floors should be dark wood. Walls should be stuccoed or tiled, and painted in the traditional Spanish hues of gold, cream or terracotta. Consider placing colorful tiles at random on your stuccoed walls. Use small 1-inch tiles to create a mosaic pattern in the shower, or frame your bathtub in hand-painted


Fixtures made from wrought iron fit beautifully into a traditional Spanish decor. Countertops made from natural stone, such as granite, marble or slate complete the look, as do vessel sinks made from hammered copper or steel. The overall look, while rustic, should exude a classic, timeless quality.


Lighting in the bathroom should keep in mind function as well as form. Candle holders, candelabras, lantern lights, hurricane-style lighting and wall sconces all can look good in a Spanish-style bath. The rustic elegance of wrought iron with blue or green toned glass should be paired with an eye toward keeping the proper wattage in the room, for makeup application, shaving and everything else the bath is used for.


Rustic wood furniture, either vintage or new, works well in the Spanish bath. Look for hand-painted pieces with arched details, carved corbels and wrought iron. Turn a vintage piece into a vanity by placing a granite surface on top and a vessel sink. Place a leather chair in the corner as a place to sit when dressing. If the room is large enough, add a Spanish-styled hutch for linen storage.


Accessories complete the total picture. Add towel bars made from hammered bronze or wrought iron. Colorful towels, pottery and ceramics, copper bowls and wooden accents will pull the room together. A textured shower curtain in the colors of nature will exude a classic appeal. Finish the look with some old world style art.