How to do Italian Kitchen Decor

Italian kitchen decor was all the rage a few years ago. People were faux finishing their walls in bright yellow & had cookie jars that looked like fat chefs. This went out of style pretty quickly. Real Italian kitchen decor is much more lasting & enduring. It speaks of good food & lots of laughter.  

1 ,Go Modern Italian. If you look through kitchens that are actually in Italy you might be in for somewhat of a shock. You can browse through these websites even if you don't speak Italian. You will see a lot of stainless steel, on the walls, on the counter tops & on the appliances. They even use modern curved islands.

2, Interpret the theme. If you want Italian kitchen decor, you probably have at one point thought of basing your room around wine or grapes. Many times, this is done literally by hanging grapes from the chandelier or even stenciling them on the walls. Instead, use the colors of wine or turn your room into a dark, romantic wine cellar.

3, Decorate around your cooking style. It's all about the food. Make your Italian kitchen decor function well for cooking. Have a center island in the kitchen with bar stools where kids can learn how to cook from their moms or grandmas. Italian kitchens are places where recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

4, Make it comfortable. Your Italian kitchen will be a place where people spend a lot of time. You can even add a small sofa behind your dining table. Choose bar stools with high backs on them for maximum comfort.

5, Turn everything into artwork. Use a tumbled marble tile back splash for that old world feel. You can hang a large poster in your breakfast nook. You can even get wall words to express your favorite saying or family motto. Plus, you can remove it, if it becomes dated.