Give Your Baby A Fairy Tales Bathroom

If you are confident that our baby's in the toilet is not in danger, we can focus on comfort and aesthetics of the interior. Colorful and cheerful finish bathrooms make comfort will be happy to carry out hygiene rituals.

Many parents find bath times a struggle. However, there are creative ways you can use to transform the struggles into giggles. As for the decor, we need to combine functionality with fun. The interior of a bathroom should be warm and cozy. Choice of color, of course, depends on the household, but the basic principle is moderation.

There are many bath tubs on the market today for kids ages six months to five years.These bath tubs are usually inflatable and slip-proof and even sport a nice headrest. Because of these features, these bath tubs are also portable and can even be used for babies who are able to sit unassisted. For children who are age three to five, you can look into purchasing waterproof bathtub stickers, which come in a variety of carton figures, butterflies, fairy tales, etc.

Have fun with the paint. A mural on the wall with your favorite characters is great if the bath is big enough, or you can paint multistripes on the wall, horizontally or vertically. Colors is not yet bright. Using the bathroom paved with red tiles and sharp only distracts. Important to a child in the bathroom felt comfortable, but also focused on activities performed. Must choose one of the leading color and make it the color contrast, or a different shade. Select color clear, universal, then the easiest way to adjust the color additives.

Younger teenager certainly will not want to use the bathroom, which was lined with tiles with the image of Winnie the Pooh. Easier to change than because of the wall. It's better to focus on accessories that can be easily converted into a "more adult" when a child tired of the existing design.

Shower curtains, hooks, tumbler, rugs and even toothbrush holders are all also available at many baby stores. Such bath accessories include fun and colorful themes (e.g., flowers, butterflies, fairy tales, boats and teddy bears). Additionally, wall stickers are available in the same themes that can be used to decorate the walls of your bathroom (or you could always paint the walls with such a theme).

Last, a cover clamp for your toilet, also available at the Child Safety Store but only in plain white, snaps the lid of the toilet shut so curious kids won't lift the lid and encounter a potential drowning hazard — or just make a big watery mess. And unlike those "childproof" medicine caps, adults can readily operate the toilet clamp.

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