DIY Wine Cork Bathmat

If you're quickly tasting your way through your wine collection, you might as well use all those corks for something. Craft blog Craftynest has a guide for creating an attractive, foot-friendly bath mat by hot gluing them to some shelf liner.

All you need for this project is a hot glue gun, some non-adhesive shelf liner, and a lot of wine corks. You'll probably want a cutting board to work with, too, as you'll be doing a lot of cutting. To make the corks stay down easier (and so you only need half as many), you'll need to cut each one in half first before hot gluing them down onto the shelf liner. Other than the time it may take to do so (and the necessary precision if you want it to look nice), the project is pretty simple.

Craftynest's instructions say that you need a rotary cutter and some fancy cutting mats, but this isn't completely necessary—as long as you find some way to cut the shelf liner (or any other no-slip material you decide to use for the base), you shouldn't need anything too heavy-duty. In fact, the hardest part of the whole thing is probably going to be drinking all that wine (and remembering to keep the corks). Hit the link for the full instructions.

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