A bathtub suitable for elderly or handicapped

The walk in bathtubs offers the best warranty that we could find.Walk-in bathtubs are primarily marketed towards the elderly or handicapped population. Walk-in bathtubs, also called safety tubs, allow users to enter without climbing in.Watertight doors swing open when the tub is empty, creating an entryway rarely more than a few inches above the floor.

Walk-in bathtubs are often taller and narrower than traditional bathtubs, making them ideal for smaller spaces such as laundry rooms and converted closets.

Bathing in a Walk In Bathtub is vital for your personal safety and dignity. A quality Walk-In Bathtub catering to your specific needs will not only help solve your bathing problem… it will also make bathing an extremely relaxing, joyful and beneficial experience again… providing you with years of safety, independence and complete satisfaction.

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