Bathroom style is developing

Designing and decorating a bathroom can be a costly and time-consuming project. It helps to know your needs and wants. Not sure what yours are? Now, Let's learn the styles of bathroom and choose the suitable one for ourselves.

There are five bathroom styles:Traditional, Country, Shabby chic, Contemporary and Fantasy.

If your tastes are traditional rather than contemporary it is easy to create your dream bathroom with beautifully styled suites that re-create the period feel.

The Fixtures
Freestanding claw feet baths are what make a traditional style bathroom. Nowadays you don't have to trawl through antique stores to find one. They can be purchased from many of the modern bathroom showrooms. Today's vintage bath designs function as beautifully as they look with the latest in design and materials, so you don't have to sacrifice performance for the period style.

Chrome and brass fixtures are vintage, but polished nickel or copper will lend a sophisticated, modern take to your bath. Wall-mounted faucets for the basin or the tub will streamline the appearance without the clutter of complicated plumbing, and enable you to incorporate a modern raised sink bowl without compromising your design. Free-standing console sinks, rather than a cabinet or counter-mounted sink, were typical in the early-20th century.

Bathroom Tiles
Browse books and magazines to get ideas for the particular vintage look you want. If you really want authenticity, choose the colours for paint and tile that were used at that time, or you can be experimental and use your own favourite shades. You can opt for a pristine all-white tile (and there are many shades of white from which to choose) or choose warmer accents with a splash of colour here and there. Mosaic tiling is a popular period style both for walls and floors. Natural materials that are time-appropriate will also enhance the vintage vibe so avoid synthetic materials unless they replicate a natural one like marble or stone. In addition to tile, you can evoke a nostalgic feel by using wainscoting or bead board to cover the walls, with period-appropriate window treatments and wide baseboards to finish the look.

Don't ever be tempted to use a conventional light fitting that's not intended for bathroom use. Light switches must be either outside the bathroom or fitted with a pull cord.

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