Make your bathroom personalizing

If you're building a new home, you may want to consider designing a bathroom differently than you would if you're remodeling an existing bathroom.

Bath decor - nothing is more beautiful (to me at least) than a room that is 'perfect'. The correct room design, the correct furnishings and let us not omit its decor.A room that is pleasing to the senses - beautiful, luxurious, a pleasure to be in. A room designed to be lived in. Those are beautiful rooms to me and one than can stand out through its bath décor is obviously the remodelled bathroom.A bathroom has such potential for dramatic bath décor and this is something that can be utilized to increase a homes selling price or increase the joy experienced in living in it.

Some useful tips for personalizing your bathroom:

1.Add a light fitting that you like and that is modern, reflecting now. Many bathrooms suffer from very old light fittings that are gaudy colors and dusty to boot!

2.Add matching towel sets.

3.Mirrors can make a bathroom look larger, add light and provide a feature element. Do not skimp on the mirror and it might even be a good idea to use more than one.

4.Add jars, bottles, seashells, rubber duck toys, novelty plugs, novelty shower curtain rings etc.

5.Display loofahs, sponges and other spa items around the bath or hanging in the shower. They look great and they encourage use to keep you sparkling clean!

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