Which bathroom style do you like?

Different people like different style bathroom. Such as me, I like morden stysle, it is simple and applied.May be, it is related with people's age and character.Most old people like the traditional style.

Contemporary, modern bathrooms reflect what is going on in the luxury sector but are slightly less radical in design. Typically bathroom suites in this market sector have clean, rounded lines, with little or no fancy detail. This is now the most popular bathroom style and will remain stylish for the foreseeable future. The only downside in this sector is that most of the suites look exactly the same!

Traditional bathrooms suite designs are mainly installed in older properties or when attempting to incorporate as many period features as possible. The traditional Victorian bathroom celebrates an age when the bathroom was ‘the new kid on the block’. After all these years it is still a popular choice for Irish homes.Set the mood in the traditional bathroom by choosing original Victorian colours like bottle green, rich terracotta, deep burgundy. You could also try panelled walls to picture rail height painted to suit. For your floors choose terracotta tiles with a decorative inset or varnished boards. Try flowing white voile, printed chintz, velvet, or timber shutters on your windows.

Traditional/contemporary combinations are also less popular than they once were, as everyone is concentrating on the contemporary sector. Be careful if you are mixing and matching in this style because certain products do no blend well together.

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