Shabby chic bathroom

Shabby Chic style is any easy approach to decorating. The design technique follows few rules and utilizes mismatched colors, patterns, textures and materials. Items are meant to look worn.

The first thing anyone can do to transform and update a plain bathroom in to a shabby chic retreat is to paint the trim white. Yes, white, the mother colors in all things shabby chic! Take it one step further and try using a crackle finish or shabby chic paint finish on your crown molding!

Now, on to the walls, which probably make up the largest surface in your plain bathroom. The walls are one of the least expensive way to update any room into a shabby chic look. Check out the Laura Ashley line of paint colors at Lowes. These colors are perfect for updating a bathroom decor with a shabby chic look.Pale Gold is a wonderful vintage yellow and Sand is a soft and warm tan you will love.

Choose matte or flat wall paint to really get a shabby chic look. Shabby chic bathroom d├ęcor should not be shiny or flashy!For a fun and whimsical shabby chic look try taping off your walls in stripes. Paint them in two colors from that shabby chic line of paint. You could also try white and cream lines. This will look awesome in any bathroom of any size!


Dig around in your garage for forgotten pieces. A chipped tea cup serves as candle holder while a tattered wooden shelf may function as a stylish storage solution. Situated in the corner, an old chair is a perfect display piece for a Shabby Chic bathroom.

Hit flea markets and garage sales for the best selection of tattered treasures. Such items are suited for Shabby Chic decor. And best of all, these unloved pieces can be found for less than a dollar.

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