About bathroom fengshui

Feng Shui is all about helping the flow of positive energy or chi in your home and block or flush negative energy out of it Feng Shui literally means 'Wind and Water'. The bathroom is definitely the room that you think of when you think of water. But the water in the bathroom isn't the same as the water element. Recently, People around the world have begun to see the benefits of using feng shui techniques in their homes.

As most of the Feng Shui practices have strong scientific basis, there are two important rules of thumb that you need to remember when deciding the location of a bathroom. First you need to know that , the bathroom and toilet are primarily governed by and driven by the element Water. Secondly, you should keep in mind that bathrooms are associated with elimination and waste.
There are some location direction:
Bathrooms next to or above the front door.
Bathrooms on the second floor directly above the kitchen or front door
Bathrooms in the center of the office
Bathrooms under the stairs

The bathroom in the center of the house should be painted red to introduce fire element to stop draining of wealth but otherwise, good bathroom colors and color schemes according to Feng Shui are light grays, cream and pale blues.

Feng Shui bathroom tip for wealth: First hang a faceted crystal in the center of the room; place a 3" round mirror on the ceiling directly above the toilet to visually reverse the downward flow of water (use double-sided tape to hold the mirror in place). Next place earth-type objects in the corners of the room to stabilize the energy. Lastly add an image such as a bird or tree to the downstairs area below the bathroom to help lift the energy there.

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