How to decorate a big bathroom?

Commonly, we discuss the methods of decorating a small bathroom, how to make use of the limited space and make it looks wide and not very aswarm. Different from the small bathroom, If the bathroom is too big, it is also a problem. How to make it homely and cozy by adding your own personal touch.

A chair in the one corner is perfect for sitting on after a bath and rubbing on all your different oils and body lotions. It is also the perfect spot for a friend to sit on while you catch up on gossip. Having a clothes hamper in one corner is not only practical but by choosing a design which suits your bathroom theme will definitely help you add that personal touch.

Having a beautiful plant in a corner also adds to the jungle feeling and adds a very relaxed and natural feel to your bathroom. hang up some nice pictures which you can also make sure adds to the general theme of your bathroom. I personally do not use the towel which I hang from my towel rail. Instead I have a wicker basket which stores all the family towels.

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