Share some experience for bathroom makeover

Rooms like their hosts, beautiful rooms must be owned by the laborious and people who love their lives.On the contrary, a lazy people will not like makeover their homes.We should be itive and enjoy our life, should be laborious and happy.

If you love life, now, follow me to learn how to make over your bathroom.

*Mirrors hung on opposing walls make a space look larger, so don't limit yourself to just one.

*Customize a solid shower curtain (Target's White Waffle-Weave Fabric Shower Curtain is a perfect candidate) with contrasting ribbon, rickrack, or even a sprinkling of silk flowers.

*Stow your collection of rubber duckies and other bath and body items in drawer organizers, attractive trays, or decorative bins. You'll be amazed at how much space you gain and how neat the room will look with just your cosmetic clutter hidden.

*Forsake flatness and save space by rolling towels and storing in a basket, a galvanized bucket, or a colorful plastic bin under the sink or next to the tub.

*Choose light and neutral colours on structural elements, as well as onwall and floor tiles, and save the strong colours for the accessories. This will make it easier to refresh the decor every few years.

*Showcase high-end ceramic tiles by using them as a border or by inserting them between rows of large tiles on a floor mosaic. This type of composition lends added depth and personality to the room.

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