Crafts in bathroom

Using handcrafts or natural arts in your bathroom may be inspired.Such as an bonsai or an artiful picture.It is simple to achieve the tasteful quality of arts and crafts design. Here are some of the elements that characterize this style.

Reformers of the Arts and Crafts movement made everything by hand, including metalwork, jewelry, textiles, and furniture. They favored simple forms with some similarity to the minimalist style of the Orient, utilizing screens and fan patterns.

Custom and framed mirrors are one of the hottest new trends in decor.A pink floral mirror is very sassy and bright and perfect.Besides,beautiful glass beads come in all shapes and sizes, and they aren't just for making jewelry. If you have a framed mirror that could use a little decorating, consider embellishing the frame with glass beads that match your color scheme. Visit the bead section of any major craft store and you'll discover hundreds of options from ordinary colored beads to those with swirls of color and texture. The options are truly endless!

Natural art:

Natural material is not mass produced and can easily be crafted by the skilled human hand. Oak is a favorite in the wood category. Stain your wood floors for a dark finish.

Some other art products you can choose by your favor and make an artful bathroom for you and your families!

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