A cute suction toothbrush holder

I like some trinket to decor my home. Such as the soap holder or towel bar.I happen to find a cute toothbrush which looks very beautiful. It is convenient to install it in your bathroom.

The lovely vintage bathroom has lovely vintage fixtures, which include a toothbrush holder. Which would be great, except today's toothbrushes, with their curved handles, don't fit. When we went looking for a solution, we found Happy Suction Toothbrush Holders.

And we are thrilled to see a solution that protects the head of the brush, doesn't require counter space, and is cute enough that kids will want to put their toothbrushes away. Baby steps on the road to teaching them to pick up after themselves!
If you've got a small bathroom than you know what a premium counter space in there can often be. We have a cup on the side of our sink right now for toothbrushes, but it is not an ideal situation for a couple reasons.

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