Updating Bathroom Storage

How to transform old bathroom closets.

Q. Our 35-year-old home has a bathroom with closets next to the toilet for storage. How can I update this look and create some fashion for the room? Should I take out the doors or do something totally different?

— Karen D.

A. Updating bathroom storage can be an instant room makeover. You are lucky that you have that closet in your space, as most of us are always seeking extra storage.

As a first step, remove the doors and replace or paint the existing shelving in the closet. Keep the shelves tidy, and organize and display your towels in piles or rolled in bunches. Wicker baskets provide excellent and fashionable “drawers” that can be placed on the shelves or even on the floor to hold bathroom necessities, and can be found at many retail shops like Ikea.

Depending on your own style, you could also keep your closet closed off with a door, but replace the existing door with a door that suits your bathroom style. Mirrored, paneled and paned glass are all possibilities. However, if your bathroom is small, you might want exposed shelving, which would provide easy access and save door swing space in the room.

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