An amazing sink and faucet

With the development of technology, the faucet and sink become more and more beautiful. Some of them looks like a work of art.This must be the trend of the bathroom deoration. Besides the practicality, people would like to purchase the different and personalized bathroom accessories.

Touch 360 has really added some technology and "a new way to interact with water" with their Ripple Faucet. The faucet was inspired by ripples on the water's surface and creates a strong visual relationship between the user's interaction with it, and with the water flow and temperature. The Ripple has hot and cold channels from which water flows and as the set temperature is changed via the metal ball, the amount of water flowing from each channel adjusts for the illusion the water is mixing for a combined temperature. In reality the water is the same temperature from both sides to prevent the user from being scalded. LED lights under the surface are lit with intensity and color according to the flow and temperature to provide a beautiful interaction with the user.

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