How to choose toilet for your bathroom?

Toilet as an important part of bathroom, play an important role inour life. The toilet is a key piece of a comfortable, modern, well-functioning home. Everyone cannot live without toilet every day.So, choose a good toilet is very important.

One-piece, or two?
A "one-piece" toilet is actually six to ten individual pieces sculpted into a seamless, space-saving unit. The result is a sleek, hand-crafted toilet w/ no crevices between the tank & bowl to collect dirt & odors.
"Two-piece" toilets feature the traditional design of a separate tank & bowl which are bolted together upon installation.

The flushing system
In gravity fed toilets, the weight of the water from the tank pushes the waste through an S shaped trap way, as the siphon that is created empties the bowl.

With pressure assisted toilets, air in the tank is compressed as it fills with water. When flushing, the pressurized air pushes the water more strongly into the bowl, resulting in a better flush. Disadvantages, though, include greater noise, expense and difficulty of repairing.

Look for toilets with a deep, rich coat of glaze, insuring an even, easy to clean glossy surface. Ideally, the internal trapway should be glazed, providing a smooth surface to facilitate the flow of waste & prevent clogging.

Toilets come in varying sizes, so check the width, depth & height of your available space. Also, most toilets bolt to the floor 12" from the wall, but some toilet manufacturers also make 10" & 14" models. Measure first.

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