How to deal with bathroom ceiling?

Though ceiling is not noticed by some people, but it is also an important part of the bathroom. Bathroom alway is a wet room with the water vapour. So it is essential for waterproof material used in bathroom ceiling.An What other questions should be considered?

Generally your ceiling will be painted. You can choose between warm colors such as orange, red and pink shades or cool colors such as blue, green, purple and violet. After choosing your paint color be sure to use a high grade ceiling paint to apply to your ceiling.

UPVC ceiling cladding is an ideal way of covering the bathroom ceiling as it is totally waterproof, is unaffected by steamy conditions, will not rot, will not harbour mould and requires no maintenance. There are panels available with a plank effect similar to timber tongue and groove, cladding in woodgrain finishes as well as plain white panelling that will mimic the effect of a painted plaster ceiling.

You can choose your ceiling light as plain or elaborate as you would like. Many ceiling lights are simple globes or squares and emit white light.

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