Bathroom design for handicapped

When you decide to design a bathroom, you should consider some factors such as the special person who use it. For example, the old and the handicapped. Those who have some inconvenient needs special design in the bathroom. In fact, some bathroom accessories make give your help.Handicap bathtub lifts make it easier for upper and lower body movement. Older and disabled persons often have a very hard time getting in and out of the tub safely, and a bathtub lift will allow them to do so. Or a Walk in bathtub is another good choice.

If you are looking for bathtub lifts for handicap individuals they are available in many different shapes and sizes.Some bathtub lifts do not require electricity because they are powered by water. A special fitting is what joins the lift to the shower head. Battery powered bathtub lifts are used more often than those powered by water.

Add handicap bathroom shower units with custom shower bench, or shower stools. Also available are bathroom shower built-in handicapped seats or the very popular teak shower bench.

Bathtubs and showers need to be accessed with ease, either by the use of grab handles or have full openings for wheelchair access. Manufacturers have constructed bathtubs tubs have doors that open on the side thus allowing a person to walk into it without having to lift their legs over a ledge.

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