Square bathtub, a fashion style bathtub

Square bathtub is seldom used in common family,but it is a trend of fashion decoration. May be after 2 years, like the rectangular bathtub, the square bathtube will come into most of the people's home.

There are different types of square tubs. The sunken ones for a good soak, the jetted and the acrylic tubs are winning the hearts of all those who wish to have something different. With the technological advancement the comfort and well being of the consumer is also becoming the prime concern of the manufacturers. The jetted tubs are purely aimed at providing that extra care not available in any other sanitary ware.

The jetted square tubs are the latest craze among the buyers. The jets are for two reasons. Through one enters air while through the other comes in the water. Both the air and water pours in at a high force that massages the body. The air blower speed can be regulated as one desires while the sensors detect the water level. The tub is automatically dried, preparing it for an air massage.

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